Whether you need to gather intelligence on a suspected cheating spouse or need the services of a full undercover surveillance team for a corporate investigation, Able Legal Investigations, Inc. can provide the technology, resources and techniques to deliver fast and detailed results.

Undercover Investigations San Diego

We can perform discreet undercover surveillance operations to meet a multitude of customer objectives. Our highly skilled operatives have the skills to gather intelligence for the following investigative purposes, at home and overseas:

Other scenarios in which our specialists can provide you with undercover surveillance services include suspected employee benefit fraud, day-in-the-life exposes, and strike crisis management.

Skilled at blending in with the crowd, our male and female surveillance specialists conduct undercover investigations using state-of-the-art equipment and highly professional covert intelligence-gathering techniques.

Our Undercover Surveillance Technology

Working individually, in pairs, or for larger cases in teams, our operatives can install electronic surveillance equipment, perform personal video surveillance, and even deploy night-vision technology to ensure subjects are under constant coverage.

To ensure the most comprehensive and accurate intelligence, our undercover investigations are conducted with the aid of telephoto photography, as well as video and audio recording equipment.

We also use cutting-edge software and hardware to perform real-time vehicle tracking, keeping tabs on subjects wherever they may go. When necessary, we can deploy unmarked cars and vans to maintain constant visual contact with subjects’ vehicles.

When You Need Flawless Intelligence, Choose Able

When you have a situation that calls for undercover investigations, the value is in the solidity and integrity of the evidence gathered. Our team has many years of combined experience and each operative knows how to gather information that counts. All our operations are conducted in strict compliance with applicable laws and in a manner that will ensure evidence is admissible in legal proceedings.

To find out more about our undercover surveillance operations or to discuss your requirements, contact us today at 866-302-2366.