Asset Search Investigations

 Law Degreed Licensed Investigators  perform Asset Searches and Financial Fraud Investigations for a permissible purpose, both Nationwide and Internationally for the benefit of law firms, corporations, and private clients since 1994.

All Findings are Court Admissible and Guaranteed to be Complete, Accurate and On Point

Able Legal Investigations, Inc., is a licensed Investigation Agency and has been conducting Financial Investigations since 1994.  The Financial Fraud Investigation Section of Able Legal Investigations, Inc., is comprised of licensed private investigators with juris doctor degrees.

Hidden Assets Located and Financial Fraud Investigations require specialized knowledge and experience.   Our financial investigators have the benefit of years of experience in reviewing financial records and in providing discovery of Hidden and undisclosed Bank and Brokerage accounts, financial misrepresentations and asset misappropriation.

The initiatives involved in the performance of a Comprehensive Asset Investigation consists of the following:

  1. Locating all open commercial bank accounts associated with the subjects allowing the name and location of the accounts as well as the amount in the account as of date of inquiry. This applies to all commercial banks throughout the United States.
  2. Identifying all closed bank accounts while tracing the proceeds from these accounts.
  3. Locating all open and closed Brokerage Accounts and tracing the proceeds from the closed accounts.
  4. Locating all safe deposit boxes. This is most important when cash accumulation is suspected.
  5. Identifying all Real Property interests with respect to purchase dates and amount paid and most current published current appraised value.
  6. Identifying all Personal Property such as automobiles, boats, etc.
  7. Uniform Commercial Code Financial Statements (used in applying for loans)
  8. Identifying any instance of assets being transferred offshore and identifying the accounts within the financial institutions involved.
  9. Identification of any Significant Share Holder interests in Corporations
  10. Identification of LLC’s and Fictitious Named Businesses
  11. Comprehensive profiling and background indexing of subjects
  12. Life Insurance Policies*
  13. Trusts

All Financial Investigations are conducted by Licensed Investigators and accomplished in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act(Public Law 91- 508, 15 U.S.C. Section 1681 ET SEQ, 604-615) Consumer Credit Reporting Act (California Civil CodeSec 1785.1-1785.34) and the Graham Leech Bliley Act Section 313.15 (a)(2)(ii) 

This experience also transcends into areas such as bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, internal and external corporate fraud, embezzlement, and theft of intellectual property.

Hidden Asset Searches and Financial Investigations include review of the debtors available records and make connections that reveal a debtors financial strength. Retain an experienced financial investigator to trace assets that you suspect are undisclosed or conceilled. Hidden bank account investigations work by uncovering exactly which liquid, collectible assets someone has at the time they are being investigated. Discreet services search for properties, hidden bank accounts, hidden investment accounts, and other assets that can be garnished.   

We can search things such as properties in the various states where Subject lives, bank account information, stocks, brokerage account information, offshore bank accounts, hidden assets, companies registered to the Subjects name in the states where they live, and in other locations. During child support investigations, we locate banking accounts, investment accounts, rental properties,  business interests, and often perform a surveillance to show that the subject is employed.

Whatever situation you are facing, our licensed resident financial investigators and certified experts are available to provide assistance. Should you require a financial inquiry that involves itself a misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset investigation, or litigation, Able Legal Investigations maintains the ability, experience, and background that allows for a significant difference.


For further information regarding Nationwide Asset Searches and Financial Fraud Investigations.  

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When you need to be certain of payment recovery or to be confident that a claim of insolvency is genuine, our Licensed and Certified Financial Investigators expertly perform nationwide asset searches and comprehensive financial investigations. A team of Law Degreed Private Investigators draw upon a diverse range of skills, technology, professional networks, and resources to conduct financial fraud and asset search investigations as well as discovering hidden bank and brokerage accounts. Undisclosed Assets are discovered in both domestic and international settings.

Licensed Investigators remain proficient in locating hidden assets and conducting Financial Investigations for clients ranging from spousal partners, parents, employers, employees, and parties entering into a financial partnership or agreement, through to victims of individual or corporate fraud, theft, and other financial crimes.

We routinely assist claimants who have successfully won judgments in litigation but who have trouble recovering their awards from the defendant.

A hidden bank account may consist of the subject going to a small bank and opening an account that is unknown to the spouse, so that he can conceal the money for an extended period of time, as the couple begins talking about a divorce. Individuals and businesses frequently try to engage in hidden accounts in order to avoid losing their assets to court-ordered judgements, in order to evade federal or state taxes, or in divorce proceedings when assets declared by each party are determined as marital assets and child support. When attempts are unsuccessful, these companies or organizations put assets into special accounts only available to the individual(s) named in the accounts.

Hidden Assets Located and Financial Investigations

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Services What sets Able Legal Investigations apart from other Financial Investigations Firms

Able Legal Investigations is comprised of Law Degreed California licensed private investigators. Hidden Assets Located and Financial Investigations Benefited by National and Regional Certifications in Financial Crimes Investigations, we have been in business at the same location since 1994 and have expertly performed in excess of 800 financial investigations, white color crime, and asset search investigations all conducted in full compliance with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA) Section 313.15 (a)(2)(ii) and as such the findings are court-admissible.

Additionally, we are regularly retained by District US Federal Courts under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA)18 U.S.C. § 3006A(e).

Our findings are guaranteed to be complete, factual, timely, and most importantly on point.

Discover financial interests in these areas
  • Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Brokerage and Investment Accounts
  • IRAs and Retirement Accounts
  • Trusts
  • Real Property
  • Corporate Interests
  • Automobiles and Watercraft
  • Corporate Interests
  • Limited Partnerships

There exist 2 distinct advantages for a pre-litigation asset investigation namely financial and privacy for the participant involved. Retaining a third party allows a degree of discretionary disclosure. Cases that will benefit are those regarding insurance, labor law, corporate disputes, and civil issues.

A pre-litigation asset investigation can save money related to direct costs, namely expert witnesses and attorney fees as well as time lost at work. Additional benefits are that a pre-litigation financial investigation may allow a quicker resolution to a dispute eliminating prolonged time in court.

Our Law Degreed Investigators regularly conduct a pre-litigation asset search and financial asset investigations for law firms, corporations, and private individuals.

If you are litigating a current matter or considering a potential suit, a pre litigation asset search can answer important questions before you begin, namely a potential defendant’s financial strength.


Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Commercial Bank Accounts
  • Registered Pension & Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Principals, as well as Corporate Parent, Subsidiaries, and Affiliates
  • Securities Filings concerning Stock Offerings and Private Placements
  • Intangible Intellectual Property
  • UCC Financial Statements
  • Hidden Assets Located and Financial Investigations Conducted
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