Insurance Fraud & AOE/COE Investigations

While the majority of insurance, AOE, and COE claims are legitimate, there are always those who see accident and injury claims as a way to make easy money.

Using Undercover Investigations to Defend Against Claims

Undercover investigations are often the best way to validate genuine claims and identify those which are made fraudulently. If you are an employer in Southern California, hiring a private investigator in San Diego to conduct claims investigations can serve as a deterrent to would-be fraudsters, as well as a way to confirm when a claim is genuine.

When you engage us to conduct undercover investigations for insurance claim defense, you’re assured of maximum attention to detail, reflected in comprehensive reports containing information which would be admissible in a court hearing.

ServicesThe Benefits of Undercover Investigations by Able

Our high standards of investigative professionalism are what differentiate us from other private investigators in California. Our services bring you the following benefits:

  • Experienced investigators who undergo regular training in the latest best practice and technologies
  • Thorough, objective and professional undercover investigations
  • Collection of high quality evidence (documents, photography, audio, and video)
  • Clear, fully detailed reports

When undercover investigation is not enough, our team can also conduct interviews with insurance or AOE/COE injury claimants. All interviews are conducted using proven techniques and are tape-recorded.

If you suspect an employee or insurance claimant is trying to fraudulently access compensation, remember that it’s critical to begin investigations at the earliest opportunity.

Contact Able Legal Investigations, Inc. today and we’ll get right to work on your case.