Corporate Investigations

Whether loss prevention, intellectual property or background research, the Law Degreed Licensed Investigators of Able Legal Investigations will serve you with a first class investigation that creates wins for your company. Every business faces situations where intelligence is needed to make good decisions about internal matters or decisions relating to competition. You need a partner with experience to get the job done and deliver the information you need to help you win a possible court battle.


Often times we are hired by clients that suffer from employee theft. They contact us in search of assistance to help them gather the appropriate legal evidence to win a possible court battle with their employee.

Evidence needs to be collected through legal methods. It is very easy for an attorney to have evidence dismissed in a court if it’s not obtained properly.

ServicesWhen to consider an Electronic Bug Sweep

If you have any reason to seriously suspect that you’re under electronic surveillance, our TSCM investigations will uncover any devices hidden on your premises and either confirm your suspicions or allay them.

For corporations and larger enterprises, occasional electronic countermeasures investigations can be highly beneficial, even if no suspicion of surveillance exists. By conducting bug sweeps of sensitive areas (such as conference rooms) our investigators can make sure your corporate privacy and confidentiality are not compromised.