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Since 1994, Able Legal Investigations provides Financial Fraud & Asset Search Investigations with a national scope as well as Background Investigations, Surveillance, TSCM Bug Sweeps, and thorough, Due Diligence support

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Able Legal Investigations is a firm of licensed San Diego Private investigators performing investigative services since 1994.   Investigators with Law Degrees and certifications in Financial Crimes Investigations regularly handle Financial Infidelity, Finacial Fraud,  Asset Search, and Background Profiling Investigations as they relate to family law issues, personal injury cases, and asset investigations throughout the United States

Additionally, as licensed San Diego Private Investigators, we perform surveillance and undercover investigations, historical and transactional research,  collecting and reviewing evidence, while preparing thorough, accurate, and professionally written investigative reports.


Able Legal Investigations provides investigative services in San Diego, Beverly Hills, and throughout the United States while accommodating the fact-finding needs of law firms, businesses, and individuals throughout California and the United States.

Law Degreed Licensed Investigators with certifications in Financial Fraud Investigations, have been assisting Law Firms and Private Clients throughout the United States since 1996.

Asset Search Investigations are conducted for the purpose of identifying the location of undisclosed and secreted bank and Investment accounts and always performed in compliance with GrammLeachBliley Act (GLBA) Section 313.15 (a)(2)(ii) and as such the findings are court-admissible.

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Able Legal Investigations, private investigators in San Diego, has pioneered total litigation support services that merge investigative and trial experience with cutting-edge computer forensics technology. Case investigations are performed locally, nationally, and internationally while handling numerous difficult types of investigations with various scenarios.


Our San Diego and Beverly Hills private investigators utilize findings drawn    from a network of law enforcement organizations, insurance companies and other unique sources,

The inquiries and facts obtained are entirely confidentiaL and are obtained in compliance with all applicable law


Financial investigations can be a critical piece of the puzzle to serious events in your life. Unfortunately, even those who you love and trust the most can hide assets or money from you, but finding and even retrieving those funds can prove to be quite the battle.

These are a few circumstances when an individual may need the assistance of a private investigator, such as:

  1. Divorce settlements. When couples get divorced, a spouse may attempt to hide money so they won’t have to share with their newly ex-husband or wife. They will hide money or even assets such as real estate and walk away with all of their money in tow. A financial investigator can help reveal these hidden assets and make for a fair divorce settlement for both parties.
  2. Recovery of child support payments. Along with divorce, child support can also turn into a nasty battle where it’s difficult to retrieve funds. A financial investigator can discover how much income the other parent is making, and get your child support payments back on track.
  3. Financial Investigations and hidden Assets detection. If your spouse or loved one is acting suspicious and you suspect that he or she is hiding money, a financial investigator can help trace bank accounts, review tax returns, and more.

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Asset & Financial

Financial Asset Investigators uncover hidden bank accounts, retirement accounts, business assets, property and more..

Asset Investigation

Background Profiling

Our experienced investigative team performs comprehensive background and social media investigations for our clients.

Asset Investigation


Our agency specializes in due diligence investigations, corporate intelligence, fraud, surveillance and white collar crime.

Asset Investigation

Client Testimonials

Charles Abrams

5 star
Able Legal Investigations were responsive, thoughtful, professional, discreet and very fairly priced. They could not have performed better! In an industry f questionable characters, Able stands out as the pinnacle of performance, integrity, value and service!

Charles Abrams

Raymond Johnson

5 star
Our firm has trusted Able Legal Investigations to handle our client’s investigative needs for nearly 15 years now. Howard, Liz and staff have not only proven they are capable, from a legal aspect our partners trust their judgment in handling sensitive cases, and delivering the best results possible. Wisdom and experience in today’s complex litigation landscape are critical, making Howard and his team of professionals a trusted ally.

Raymond Johnson

Edward Herzog

5 star
I hired Able Legal Investigations in reference to an employee embezzling money from my company, which is sad to say was true. Howard did an amazing job for me and found out what I needed to know. His whole staff was on top of it all and was always there when I needed them. I recommended about 5 people to him over the 2 years and everyone was completely satisfied.

Brock Gillespie

5 star
Howard and his group at Able Legal Investigators did a great job with my situation. They delivered in a quick amount of time as well. Thank you so much! I would use them again.

Don Shuflin

5 star
I was very pleased with every aspect of dealing with this company. I spoke with two people and both were very helpful and willing to spend the needed time with me. I had a deadline sensitive job to be done and they promptly took it to task and had the needed information from 1977 within 3 days. I would highly recommend Able Legal Investigations to anyone. Thank you Howard and Elizabeth.

Law Offices of Shaun Khojayan & Associates

5 star
I have used the services of Investigator Howard Eisemann and his Able Legal Investigations since 2004. He is an excellent investigator, very thorough and easy to work with. He has been my investigator on a number of cases in State and Federal court; civil and criminal. He has provided successful asset searches and witness finding services for me. As well, he presents very well in court given his credentials and background. I strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of a dependable investigator.

Shaun Khojayan