Will a Private Investigator be able to find Hidden Bank Accounts?

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If an individual suspects that someone is concealing assets in which they have an interest, they can employ a San Diego CA private investigator to assist in a hidden bank accounts search. Someone could make a distinction in a court action, attach the assets for a judgment, or otherwise benefit from this information by tracking down these assets.

Situations in Which There are Hidden Assets

In family law cases, hidden bank accounts are frequently involved. For example, a spouse may try to hide assets during a divorce or separation so that their spouse doesn’t receive a fair portion of the assets. Similarly, persons may conceal assets before signing a prenuptial agreement or in an attempt to avoid fulfilling their duties, such as child support or spousal support disputes. Business partners may try to hide assets, or someone who owes someone else a judgment may conceal assets to avoid having these assets attached. In many cases, concealing assets is seen as fraud.

Hidden Assets’ Locations

Some people hide assets in their businesses or construct concealed organizations or limited liability companies (LLCs). Others have offshore bank accounts through which they channel their funds. Even making extra payments to creditors might be used to conceal assets.

An individual may spend a significant amount of money to get rid of it and convert it to another property type, such as buying expensive villas, automobiles, and other indulgences. These people then under-report its value on legal documents, tax returns, or business paperwork. People may have less spectacular assets, such as retirement accounts, equities, bonds, annuities, life insurance policies, or safe deposit boxes, in various scenarios.

Hidden assets can sometimes take the shape of assets that aren’t physically present. Stock options, a delayed bonus, or a raise are examples of these. A divorced spouse may want to put off dividing these assets until after the divorce is finalized to avoid having to split them with the other spouse. 

For the same reason, he or she might put off signing a new company deal. People may also pocket money earned from a business or self-employment and then underreport their earnings to avoid support obligations or creditor concerns. Third parties are sometimes involved with hidden assets, either consciously or unknowingly. Some parents may set up a custodial account in their children’s names to hide assets. In some cases, a spouse may claim to have a fictitious debt with a friend, pay it off, and then try to reclaim the money later. 

A company may pay a fake individual a salary, which is later claimed by the spouse or debtor. Assets can be hidden in a storage facility, with a friend, or with a family member. When a spouse cheats, they may purchase assets for the cheater, such as an apartment, fancy clothing, jewelry, or cash.

Finding Assets

To assist with a bank account search California, private investigators such as Able Legal Investigations know the intricacies of finding hidden assets. They may also create a report and testify in court about these assets so that the court is aware of any suspected wrongdoing concerning concealed assets. Private investigators can find bank accounts California by accessing databases. They may also look through public records such as property filings, tax returns, and other papers. Private investigators may also perform surveillance on a spouse to discover whether he or she is traveling to an unreported place or collaborating with others to conceal assets as part of a bank account search San Diego. 

A private investigator CA may also be able to use cross-references of names, addresses, and other information to find patterns and likely locations that could lead to the discovery of hidden assets. They may also be able to examine the target’s goods, such as a computer, and track the person’s internet activities to aid in a bank account search California.