Pre-Litigation Asset Search

A firm such as Able Legal Investigations, Inc. can assist in the pre-litigation asset search process for your lawsuit, so that you can make an educated decision on whether to proceed with your lawsuit.

The results of asset searches frequently impact whether to proceed with litigation. Pre-trial discovery of the partie’s assets is useful prior to the decision to bring the suit, or collect upon the judgement already issued. Having an asset inquiry done prior to the lawsuit has the advantage of providing a time-stamped snapshot of assets, so that should, at the time the suit is filed, these assets are transferred to another party, they may be tagged as fraudulent and potentially tossed out of court as part of a judgment. A company like Able Legal Investigations can help you conduct a financial asset search for pre-litigation legal cases, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue the claim.

An asset investigation also helps to identify whether assets are subject to recovery, whether funds that were misspent may be recovered, and whether funds transferred may be recovered. Able Legal Investigations performs asset investigations to uncover valuable information and potential problems that might attach to a property.

Asset searches can assist attorneys with conducting their due diligence on clients, civil cases, debt collection, and assist with financial clarity for family lawyers and individuals going through a divorce or child custody and support case. Secondly, attorneys may also be able to collect key information through asset searches in order to obtain meaningful leverage in negotiations before a lawsuit begins and discovery after the lawsuit.

This is usually an appropriate place to start looking for alternative entities and business vehicles an individual might use to hide assets. If there is a business or an individual involved in a lawsuit, the asset search will be valuable for determining whether you should pursue a lawsuit against the business or individual, or both, as the search will determine who has adequate assets, and who will be most likely to collect on the damages. During pre-trial proceedings, the attorney will retain the services of a discovery firm like Able Legal Investigations to collect information and documents, in order to begin building a profile that can establish a companys economic and financial status including assets, holdings, and creditworthiness.   

Our Investigators locate assets to enforce and collect on a Judgment, Child Support Case, Estate Matter, Locate Assets Prior to Litigation, and Adopt Personal Injury or Malpractice Settlement.

Able Legal Investigations provides best in class, nationwide, professional asset searches, discovery, pretrial, probate, and estate, litigation defense, and investigation services for law firms, businesses, and individual clients.