Using a Private Investigator To Search For Hidden Assets During a Divorce

A private investigator will be able to uncover any hidden assets spouses may have that would otherwise remain unknown in the final divorce settlement. This could prove to be of great potential value to the divorcing couple, as separate property can often times be overlooked due to a lack of knowledge or proof on behalf of one spouse. By hiring a private investigator, each spouse can rest assured that all types of property and funds will come into consideration when determining a fair and just final settlement. Furthermore, with documented evidence from the private investigator, an attorney is better equipped at proving their client’s case should either party attempt to manipulate facts or withhold information in court.

When a divorce is filed, marital assets and property must be divided between both spouses. During a divorce investigation, a private investigator can uncover hidden assets that may have been concealed by one party. This could include real estate and funds acquired during the course of the marriage or even prior to it. Tax returns, bank statements and other financial documents can also be used in order to detect any unusual activity or payments made by either spouse before or during the marriage. If either party has had an affair, they may attempt to hide money or property from their spouse in order to maintain control over their finances.

When it comes to divorce proceedings, a private investigator can be hired to help uncover any hidden assets or wealth. A financial investigator will have the skills and resources needed to conduct an effective investigation and assist with legal counsel in uncovering any hidden money or assets. Through their network of contacts, as well as their expertise in forensics, a private detective is able to find assets that may have been concealed by one spouse during the marriage. The investigation may include looking into bank accounts, tax returns and other documents in order to determine if there are any significant amounts of money or property that could be divided between the divorcing spouses. Additionally, they may also investigate any suspicious activity such as large cash withdrawals or stock transactions in order to ensure no assets are being hidden from view.

Asset searches during a divorce proceeding can be quite complex and labor intensive, but with the help of a private investigator it is possible to conduct a thorough asset search. Private investigators have access to proprietary databases and sophisticated tools that allow them to locate real estate property, financial holdings, tangible property, partnership interests and other assets. Experienced investigators are often able to find assets that would otherwise remain hidden in the divorce proceedings. The use of these sophisticated tools paired with an experienced investigator allow for a comprehensive view of all types of property which may be divided in the divorce proceeding

Asset investigation is a necessary part of the divorce process to ensure that all assets are properly identified and accounted for. An asset search shows evidence of hidden accounts, financial statements, transactional records and other financial accounts which could be relevant during the divorce proceedings. The legal discovery process allows for the collection of these records in a way that is legally admissible in court. A private investigator can help uncover any hidden assets which might otherwise remain undiscovered in the course of regular divorce proceedings. This information can then be used by your attorney to better represent your interests during the proceeding and ensure that all assets are appropriately divided between both parties.    

Asset investigations conducted by a private investigator are an effective and efficient way to determine exactly what marital assets exist. A favorable divorce settlement is dependent upon the discovery of all assets, so having a professional on your divorce team who can use their skills in recovery and discovery can be an equalizing factor. The bottom line is that working with a private investigator during this legal matter may help to bring about a better outcome for you, both emotionally and financially.