Signs your spouse is cheating


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Suspecting that your spouse is cheating is one of the worst feelings a person can endure. The one who you trust with your life is possibly betraying you, and your gut feeling says that you’re probably right. While it’s entirely possible to overreact and over-analyze that your spouse is cheating, unfortunately you may never find out the truth without the help of a private investigator that specializes in cheating spouse cases.

Before you jump to conclusions that your spouse indeed cheating, these are a couple signs to look for to validate the probability of a cheating spouse.

Sign #1: Suspicious Phone Activity

Many people consider hiring a private investigator for a cheating spouse when suspicious phone activity is involved. When your spouse is guarding their cell phone as if it’s the Hope diamond, there might be another person involved on the other end.

Other suspicious phone activity includes sleeping in bed with a phone in their hand or password protecting their phone when it never was before. If you’ve noticed any of these traits, it might be time to hire a private investigator for a cheating spouse.

Sign #2: Wardrobe Upgrade

If your spouse has gone from wearing sweatpants on the weekend to wearing designer brands, this could be a sign of cheating. Most people want to impress the new love in their life, and one method of doing this is dressing nicer than normal.

A wardrobe upgrade doesn’t instantly mean that your spouse is cheating—but it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on other odd behavior as well.

Sign #3: Mentioning a Random Name

Mixing up names can happen to anyone, but it can sometimes be cause of concern. This is especially the case if the name is of the opposite sex, and it’s a name that you’ve never heard mentioned before. If the name-dropping happens on a regular basis, you might have a cheating spouse on your hands.

Sign #4: Social Media Signals

Social media can lead to many clues of a cheating spouse. There are times when a cheating spouse can get caught up in the moment and check-in on social media with their new lover on Facebook. There are also times when a spouse can be tagged with someone else out in a bar or a party scene, which announces to you and the rest of the world that they’re with someone else.

Sign #5: Drastic Change in Personality

If your spouse has become almost a different person overnight, you might want to consider the possibility that he or she is cheating. This is especially the case if your spouse is generally friendly and even-tempered, and then suddenly becomes difficult to be around. Cheating spouses can intentionally try to be hurtful in order to cause conflict and break up your marriage without admitting guilt.

Sign #6: Hiding Money

One of the last red flags is when you catch your spouse in the act of hiding money and other assets. A spouse might hide money to spend extra on their newfound love, go on lavish trips, and other activities that they want to hide from their husband or wife.

Not to mention, a spouse might attempt to hide assets if you decide to get divorced after cheating.

Do You Have a Cheating Spouse? Find Out With a Private Investigator

If you are suspicious that your spouse is cheating, get to the bottom of the situation by hiring a private investigator. While you might think you can tackle the situation on your own, private investigators are very discreet and skilled at catching a cheating spouse in the act.

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