Understanding TSCM Bug Sweeps

Should somebody place electronic surveillance equipment in your commercial or residential premises, you can be relatively certain they won’t waste their effort employing inferior technology. Accordingly, our team at Able Legal Investigations always has the most up-to-date countermeasures equipment at its disposal to conduct electronic bug sweeps and hidden camera detection operations.

Intellectual Property

There can be a number of reasons why someone would infiltrate your home, office or commercial premises to put electronic surveillance devices in place — all of them nefarious. Sometimes it’s a precursor to a kidnapping, blackmail, or extortion attempt.

More frequently however, it’s all about the valuable information that can be obtained through industrial espionage. The theft of intellectual property for example, has become a large and lucrative business. That’s why corporations especially can benefit from the peace of mind brought by our Electronic bug sweeps and TSCM investigations.

ServicesWhen to Consider an Electronic Bug Sweep

If you have any reason to seriously suspect that you’re under electronic surveillance, our TSCM investigations will uncover any devices hidden on your premises and either confirm your suspicions or allay them.

For corporations and larger enterprises, occasional electronic countermeasures investigations can be highly beneficial, even if no suspicion of surveillance exists. By conducting bug sweeps of sensitive areas (such as conference rooms) our investigators can make sure your corporate privacy and confidentiality are not compromised.

How We Perform TSCM Investigations

Able Legal Investigations, Inc. uses only the very latest technology to conduct electronic countermeasures investigations. Our bug sweeps typically include the following activities:

  • Electronic Bug Sweep
  • An electromagnetic spectrum sweep
  • Carrier current sweeps
  • Phone and line tests using a Balanced Audio Coupler telephone analyzer
  • Audio amplifier sweeps to identify surveillance devices attached to building wiring arrays

Thanks to the advanced technology used by our TSCM unit, any devices that have been placed in your premises for electronic surveillance will be exposed, regardless of their sophistication.

Don’t leave your privacy, confidentiality, and security to chance. If you have any reason to believe your home, office or commercial facility is under surveillance, contact Able Legal Investigations, Inc. today.

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