How To Choose An Asset Search Investigator

It is essential to select a licensed private investigator who has the expertise to wade through the complicated information an asset search may uncover. Attorneys, private investigators, business consultants, government agencies, and law enforcement are examples of individuals that may conduct an asset search. Asset searches are a key component in many personal and commercial investigations related to individuals. When making the decision on whether or not to pursue a given matter, an in-depth asset search conducted by a private investigator can prove invaluable.

A private investigator can assist with finding vital information related to California Asset Searches. Highly trained private investigators can find assets in almost any situation in which you require substantiation about the financial status of another individual. Hiring a private investigator to perform an asset search means that you are working with a professional that understands how assets are moved, titles, and liens are transferred across the state of California, and even nationwide.

Asset searches conducted by a private investigator tell you if assets are already tied up, or where they might be hidden. An asset search may provide information on whether an individual or a company has assets that they have refused to disclose.

An asset investigation (asset search or asset inspection) is locating public records to verify the ownership of a person or corporate entity’s personal property or real property. An asset search, also known as an asset analysis or an asset inquiry, is performed by searching public and private records in order to corroborate information, such as an assets ownership, the assets history, business due diligence, or the persons current and past locations. An asset investigation involves meticulously searching through public records to gain insight into the assets and properties of the parties. These searches enable our investigators to legally discover information about assets and build an in-depth timeline of a legal discovery investigation.

Our investigators are trained in unconventional methods, including searching the Internet and deep social media. Custom searches are available to meet client’s specific requirements. Able Legal Investigations, Inc. offers commercial asset searches and investigations using proven procedures. Whether you are looking for hidden assets of individuals or business entities, our investigative teams can assist in tracking assets in a variety of different legal jurisdictions. At Able Legal Investigations our investigators have helped numerous attorneys with matters including family disputes, asset searches and recoveries, securities, and fraud.

During the course of pre-litigation, your attorney will engage the services of the investigative agency to collect information and documents, in order to begin building a profile that can establish a company’s economic and financial condition, including assets, assets, assets, assets, and creditworthiness. A professional Asset Search conducted by an authorized Investigator provides the solid documented state of the debtor’s real wealth situation. Additionally, in certain cases, an asset investigation search may be used to advise a court as to what the punitive damages are expected to be based on a firm’s net worth. To assist with an asset investigation, record the theft technique, the whole incident, and where the assets that were stolen were located.

Depending on the reason why you want the asset investigation, an investigation may involve basic background checks, a computer probe, surveillance work, or financial investigations. Hiring a private investigator to trace your debtor’s assets is the surest way to ensure that all collection routes are covered. Our detectives identify assets to enforce and collect on a judgment, child support cases, estate matters, locate assets before litigation, and obtain settlements in a personal injury or medical malpractice settlement.