Financial Fraud Investigations

Qualifications of potential fraud investigators include the ability to conduct interviews, write legal reports, gather allegations, and collect, organize, record and preserve evidence. Financial crime investigators can work in the public sector for federal, state and local agencies, or in the private sector in fraud analysis, loss prevention, compliance or private investigations. Corporate fraud investigators can focus on their internal work by monitoring employees or investigating malicious activity that threatens an organization.
Until companies find a way to completely prevent fraud by employees and officials, they must be prepared to promptly and comprehensively investigate allegations of fraud within their ranks. To prevent any future outbreaks of fraud, our forensic accounting experts can conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s current controls. Our forensic accounting experts conduct comprehensive financial fraud investigations for clients.
If you suspect an insider or outsider is committing fraud, or if you would like your current policies, procedures and controls to be thoroughly reviewed, please contact our Fraud Investigators at Able Legal Investigations, Inc. The answers to these and similar questions will not only help our forensic accounting experts identify and prove the identity of the perpetrator, but will also allow them to recommend useful changes to your company’s policies and procedures to ensure maximum security. Once an investigation is completed, a reputable financial forensics firm will work with the employer to implement internal controls to prevent future losses or potential employee theft. If an investigation reveals that fraud has taken place, it is likely that the company will punish or terminate the employees involved, which could lead to civil or criminal proceedings, or both.
As soon as the company becomes aware of a potential fraud case, it must suspend its normal information retention and deletion procedures and lawfully suspend any evidence that is or may be relevant to the investigation, in the same way as if the company were notified of the pending investigation. or alleged dispute. Evidence for a fraud investigation will not only be required by the company for its internal fraud investigation, but also by regulators and government agencies, who may also require this information if the case were to go to a regulatory investigation or litigation, civil or criminal. Evidence retention actions may vary depending on whether the organization intends to terminate the subject, place the subject on administrative leave, or take no immediate action on the subject until the investigation is complete.
Allegations that management or compliance teams receive directly from employees, whether written or oral, should be documented and shared with the appropriate parties for further investigation. To take into account the sensitive nature of reporting fraud and mitigate any potential fear of retaliation, organizations should establish a method by which individuals can report suspicions anonymously.
Regardless of the source of the allegation, the organization must create a team of individuals with the relevant experience needed to conduct a successful investigation. Once the group is formed, it should hold initial discussions to get background information on the fraud allegation. Once the nature and scope of the plan has been revealed and the major pieces of the financial puzzle have been identified, the investigation team will focus their efforts on pinpointing the responsible parties.
The Able Legal Investigations practice provides additional expert resources to corporate clients who want to improve their ability to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and keep abreast of changing corporate compliance strategies. We frequently partner with financial institutions, regulators and law enforcement in advanced and emerging markets to provide independent expertise in fraud and money laundering investigations and help implement best practices to detect financial fraud and crime before they are verified. We provide litigation support to attorneys and their clients through forensic accounting, data analysis, and asset tracing and recovery services, often in support of cross-border fraud and highly complex regulatory investigations.
Able Legal Investigation, a private investigator with over 27 years of experience, is experienced and capable of investigating the crime of financial fraud with exceptional success for clients. Please contact AI if a money order-like fraud has occurred OR if you would like us to investigate a fraudulent financial transaction.
Our focus on investigation and fraud prevention combines proven forensic methods, practical experience, forensic methodologies and advanced analytics to allow us to assess the situation, determine how fraud occurred, who was responsible, when and how fraud occurred, the amount of damages caused by the crimes and illegal acts committed.

The investigation of these types of financial fraud is complex, which explains why seasoned and skilled fraudsters are often referred to as “fraudsters” or “fraudsters.” An experienced and talented fraud investigator will conclude that this is the same type of fraud (MO), and an expert will explain the situation and how various methods of this type of money transfer fraud are used.

This can help organizations decide more quickly how to proceed with a fraud investigation, whether it’s closing the investigation due to lack of sufficient evidence of wrongdoing, continuing with a more in-depth investigation, or referring the entire situation to a regulator or government assessment agency.