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Able Legal Investigations is a full service premier investigative firm, integrating professional private investigations, computer forensics, corporate services, forensic accounting and litigation support, as well as personal injury and family law investigations, to provide high-level investigative services and consulting.

We have four specialized divisions: Investigations, Computer Forensics, Litigation Support, and Corporate Services.

Investigations Section

Our senior investigators regularly handle family law investigations and personal injury investigations; and support clients’ litigation needs by locating and interviewing witnesses; surveillance activities; historical and transactional research; performing forensic accounting analysis; collecting and reviewing evidence; preparing thorough, accurate and professionally written investigative reports; and presenting expert testimony.

Computer Forensics Section

We perform random or specific forensic analyses and audits of desktop and laptop computers to obtain evidence vital to litigation in such areas as employment law and misappropriation of trade secrets. Our capabilities include hard drive imaging and analysis; bypassing password protected files; metadata recovery; deleted email and file recovery; spyware detection; and generating timelines of computer usage and deletions.

Litigation Support Section

We specialize in pre-litigation and litigation consulting, and can perform asset searches and potential recovery analysis; discovery and production consulting; electronic discovery services; and pre-litigation witness interviews. Our computer forensic investigators, senior investigators, forensic accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and other professionals are also experienced expert witnesses and can testify in a variety of civil matters.

Corporate Services Section

Our multi-disciplinary team can consult with management and counsel to create or evaluate internal control procedures; conduct thorough electronic surveillance detection by trained specialists; review operations to detect possible regulatory violations; and assess, plan, and implement corporate and industrial security and crisis management programs. To ensure the highest possible quality of service, Able Legal Investigations performs a thorough conflict check as part of the client intake process.

Court Admissable Evidence

All Investigations are performed by Licensed Financial Investigators and accomplished in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (Public Law 91-508, 15 U.S.C. Section 1681 ET SEQ, 604-615) Consumer Credit Reporting Act (California Civil Code Sec 1785.1-1785.34) and the Graham Leach Biley Act Section 313.15 (a)(2)(ii) and as such the findings are court admissible.

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