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Ascertaining the financial strength of debtors, opposing parties, potential business partners, and the viability of prospective investment opportunities.

What We Do

Whatever situation you are facing, our resident financial investigators and experts are available to provide assistance. Should you require a financial inquiry which involves itself in misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset recovery, or litigation, Able Legal Investigations maintains the ability and background that allows for a significant difference.

A successfully performed financial investigation does require specialized knowledge and experience. Our asset search and financial investigative experts have the benefit of years of experience in reviewing financial records and in providing discovery of fiscal misrepresentations and asset misappropriation. This experience also transcends into areas such as bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, internal and external corporate fraud, embezzlement, theft of intellectual property., financial institution fraud, healthcare fraud, identity theft, securities fraud and environmental liability

Should you or your business determine that there exists a present need for an answer to financial questions, or an investigation into financial issues or disagreements, Able Legal Investigations maintains the background and experience to assist in these matters.

About Our Asset Search and Financial Investigation Services

We offer different types of services to help our customers find what they need:

  • Real property ownership and transaction search
  • Nationwide bank account search
  • Nationwide brokerage account/investment portfolio search
  • Vehicle registration search
  • Bankruptcy record search
  • Tax lien search
  • Civil judgment search
  • UCC filings search,
  • Business affiliations search
  • Current employment
  • Professional license

Looking to locate hidden or undisclosed assets because of:

Looking to locate hidden or undisclosed assets because of:

  • Divorce and alimony
  • Child support
  • Civil judgement recovery
  • Litigation
  • Death in the family
  • or other reasons?

Specializing In Financial Fraud Investigations, Fund Tracing and Pre- and Post-Judgment Recovery Analysis

Client Testimonials

I was very pleased with every aspect of dealing with this company. I spoke with two people and both were very helpful and willing to spend the needed time with me. I had a deadline sensitive job to be done and they promptly took it to task and had the needed information from 1977 within 3 days. I would highly recommend Able Legal Investigations Inc to anyone. Thank you Howard and Elizabeth. — John Shuflin

Court Admissable Evidence

All Asset Searches and Financial Investigations are performed by Licensed Financial Investigators and accomplished in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (Public Law 91-508, 15 U.S.C. Section 1681 ET SEQ, 604-615) Consumer Credit Reporting Act (California Civil Code Sec 1785.1-1785.34) and the GrammLeachBliley Act (GLBA) Section 313.15 (a)(2)(ii) and as such the findings are court admissible.

A Network of Resources

Able Legal Investigations employs a network of resources to assist in the location of undisclosed assets.

Our premier investigative firm maintains a unique position as an international company that assists the personal, business, legal and financial communities by performing due diligence for contemplated transactions and by providing litigation support fact finding and asset search and recovery services for divorce and other family law issues, bankruptcies or defaulted loans.

Able Legal Investigations’ asset search abilities are unique and we have extensive sources world-wide, We associate with members of the investigative community as well prior intelligence officers. Our licensed asset search and financial investigators utilize findings drawn from a network of law enforcement organizations, insurance companies and other unique sources. The inquiries and facts obtained are entirely confidential and are obtained in compliance with all applicable law.

Asset Search And Recovery

Able Legal Investigations’ multi jurisdiction asset searches include link analysis, fund traces, hidden asset searches and analysis of fraudulent transfers, as well as investigative techniques to generate additional leads.

Able Legal Investigations has developed the unique capability to locate and search for assets that have been hidden from collection in international “safe havens” as well as in domestic bank and brokerage accounts and has been successful in these initiatives for over 15 years.

Multi Jurisdictional Asset searches are used not only in bankruptcy and defaulted debt situations, but also in divorce cases where substantial family wealth is being divided between two parties and other family law cases. Where collection of a judgment is involved, we work as a team with legal counsel and private clients to use our international experience and resources to assist in freezing assets for later collection.

Frequently Asked Questions in Asset Search Inquiries

What information do you need to initiate an asset search?

Able Legal Investigations needs the name, address, social security number and date of birth at minimum to initiate an asset search. Also desirable are names of family members, names of current and prior companies and geographical locations where the subject has lived, as well as any background information in your files, e.g., financial statements, tax returns, loan documents, depositions, travel and expense reports, etc. Able Legal Investigations is also interested in any information on international travel or copies of a passport. Added information reduces the cost of the asset search investigation.

My client has already lost a great deal of money. Does it make sense to incur additional expense searching for possible hidden assets to satisfy the judgment?

Able Legal Investigations works in a phased approach. Phase I, conducted at minimal expense, develops financial information on the subject and his family members, current activity, life style and resources in the U.S. Bank account assets located in the U.S. are frozen through a restraining notice, whereupon the client’s attorney can have the sheriff levy on the accounts. Even if these findings are under $50,000, they can provide funding for Phase II investigation, which should be initiated only if there is strong reason to believe assets are secreted in other states or offshore. Penetrating offshore bank accounts is generally costly; however, the staged approach can give strong indications early in the case if assets are secreted elsewhere, before large amounts of money are expended.

What does an asset search cover?

Our asset searches look for real and personal property, interests in properties and business activities, and other financial and business assets, including bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, stocks, bonds, accounts receivable, royalties, patents, etc. Additionally, we examine assets of spouses and family members for possible transfers, and corporations associated with the subject and his/her partners. We identify individuals or entities that can provide leads and directions through a scrutiny of the individual’s life style, litigation history and relationships in order to discover hidden assets.

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