How to Discover Hidden Assets in Divorce With Financial Investigations

Blog-imageIt’s no secret that getting divorced can be a major headache. With all of the court dates, paperwork, and hoops to jump through, it’s too easy to leave money on the table. Unfortunately, hidden assets aren’t entirely uncommon in divorce situations. Some spouses will hide money so they won’t have to share with their ex, but luckily there are techniques you can use to unveil any assets that your spouse might be hiding.


One of easiest (and most obvious) ways to begin your investigation is by simply asking your spouse for all of their financial records. Unfortunately, an unwilling spouse can make this situation complicated. When a spouse refuses to provide financial documentation, it’s a red flag that they are hiding money.

Dealing with an uncooperative spouse will require the assistance of a financial investigation professional, such as Able Forensics. Able Forensics has resources to help you unveil hidden money that your spouse might be hiding—and these techniques won’t be available to the average citizen.

How Able Forensics Helps Discover Hidden Assets During Divorce

After you’ve made an attempt to ask your spouse for financial documents without success, it’s time to make a call to Able Forensics. From there, Able Forensics will go through a discovery process to help you find assets that are rightfully yours.

There are numerous methods to obtain financial information. Some of the techniques that Able Forensics might use during financial investigations are:

Reviewing of tax returns. Some spouses may claim to hide assets such as real estate, which can often be discovered by reviewing of tax returns. However, this will lonely show if those assets are being report to the state or federal government, but most property records are free to the public to view. Knowing where to look for hidden assets is a big part of the battle, and Able Forensics leaves no stone unturned.

Reviewing browser history. While it might seem obvious, reviewing browser history can reveal information such as a new bank account or investment brokerage account name.

Social media can sometimes tip off new business ventures. For example, an overzealous spouse can announce a new business launch on LinkedIn, but fail to mention anything to their partner. Furthermore, a spouse can even claim that they are short on funds, yet Facebook photos show that they’re vacationing in the tropics.

The Consequences of Hiding Assets

If you’re on the other side of the coin and are attempting to hide assets, you might want to think twice. While it’s entirely possible to get away with hiding money, getting caught can get you into quite a bit of trouble. A judge may force you to pay more support to your spouse than initially owed, simply as a consequence of attempting to hide money. In some states, you can even be arrested for very serious attempts at hiding assets.

The best course of action is to be honest with your spouse and your earnings.

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