Conducting an Undercover Surveillance

When people hear “undercover surveillance”, the first thing that usually comes to mind are mysterious men in long trench coats and fedora hats, hiding in the shadows within alleyways, smoking from a classic pipe.

While it’s a romantic notion, it’s actually a far visualization of what surveillance San Diego actually looks like nowadays. If there’s one thing that’s remained constant throughout the years is that undercover surveillance San Diego requires serious commitment and a lot of patience when gathering information through comprehensive research. 

What is Undercover Surveillance?

Undercover surveillance is essentially the process of conducting an investigation as discreetly and covertly as possible in order to determine the truth. This may involve the CA private investigator taking on the role of a character in order to naturally insert themselves in the immediate environment of the subject of investigation, without arousing suspicions. 

Versatility, therefore, is important in order to pull off a convincing performance of the role. Under the disguise of their chosen character, they can then naturally ask questions from the subject themselves, or those around them. The more they can blend with this environment, the better it could be for the investigation. 

Types of Surveillance Investigation

Nowadays, there are many different ways for a California private investigator to do their job. They may still do it the good, ol’ fashioned way by physically observing the subject, but now they can add a variety of techniques to it as well. 

For example, as in the pictured situation above, the information can be derived from the people around the subject of the investigation. The private investigator CA would have to be very careful not to let slip their real objectives for their probing questions, however, otherwise it may blow their cover. 

Another way to conduct surveillance is by way of using electronics. This could be much more expedient and convenient for the investigator since they won’t have to be physically near to the subject. 

Electronic surveillance may involve the use of wiretapping devices, television and radio technology, and listening in on their personal phone networks. Surveilling through the internet is also now part of the methodology, with the investigator keeping a keen eye out on the subject’s activities on social media and email. 

There is also technical surveillance, which involves the use of photography, as well as other devices using audio and video recordings. CCTV cameras, dash cams, body cams, and audio recorders would fall under this type of surveillance.

Why Undercover Surveillance is Needed

The entire point of going undercover is to gather information, which may be used to uncover or verify a truth, help build or tear down a case, or solve long-standing cold cases. A San Diego private investigator can be relied on to know how to get the information they need as discreetly as possible, without putting themselves or the client at risk of being found out. 

Folks hiring private investigators for this job could be anyone, from a spouse looking into the possible infidelity of their partner, or a businessman trying to determine if a potential business partner is worth giving the chance. 

It could also be to simply to uncover the truth and clear the name of the client, in case they are being involved in less than ideal transactions or situations. 

How A Private Investigator Can Help

A San Diego CA private investigator, such as those from Able Legal Investigations, can first make a comprehensive assessment of the situation and determine what the client actually needs. 

With their skills and know-how, they can also help learn more about the subject, from their personal information to social network, to hobbies, hangouts, and more. Given these details about the subject’s profile, the investigator can then determine which type of surveillance to do best. 

Most importantly, they can conduct the investigation as discreetly but efficiently as possible, so that they can get results at the soonest possible time without blowing their cover. Get started with a consultation with a private investigator if you need help.