How to Discover hidden assets in Divorce

It’s no secret that getting divorced can be a major headache. With all of the court dates, paperwork, and hoops to jump through, it’s too easy to leave money on the table. Unfortunately, hidden assets aren’t entirely uncommon in divorce situations. Some spouses will hide money so they won’t have to share with their ex, […]

TSCM Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures

Although corporate espionage seems like something that you’d only experience at the movies, it’s a very real situation and can cost corporations big bucks. Corporate espionage involves the illegal practice of spying on competitors in order to gain a business edge. Competitors can attempt to tap into your private conversations to gain access to trade secrets and other sensitive information, leaving your business vulnerable and at risk for losing money.

The good news is that TSCM, (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) can protect your company from corporate espionage. If your company has any form of sensitive information that would cause financial damage if discovered by a competitor, you are at risk for corporate espionage. Able Legal Investigations can help protect your corporation with the following TSCM strategies:

Electromagnetic Spectrum Sweep

In order to detect any sort of hidden camera, audio equipment, or other spy devices, Able Legal Investigations will perform an electromagnetic spectrum sweep. This process will isolate free space transmissions in order to detect attempts of corporate espionage. The sweep will also activate any existing devices, such as voice-actuated transmitters, and will signal your private investigator that a device is on the scene.

Other attempts of corporate espionage include tapping into telephone lines. Able Legal Investigations is able to detect corporate espionage via telephone lines by testing with a balanced audio coupler telephone analyzer. The purpose is to test for abnormal line voltages that indicate attempts of corporate espionage at your business.

Why is TSCM Effective For Protecting Against Corporate Espionage?

TSCM helps protect against corporate espionage due its sophisticated technology in detecting unwanted devices. When devices can be turned off remotely, basic detection devices might not be able to detect audio equipment, etc. However, TSCM is able to detect corporate espionage devices even if they are turned off. Able Legal Investigations can detect these devices by using a Non Linear Junction Detector, which can help detect electronic devices in offices in places where you wouldn’t expect.

Aside from NLJD devices, TSCM is also effective in detecting attempts at corporate espionage by using heat technology. Heat has the ability to point to potential power supplies of undetected electronic devices, which is used by scanning an office with a thermal imagery.

Staying on Top of Corporate Espionage Attempts With TSCM

Even if your office is clear of devices that are used with corporate espionage, it’s important to remember that each sweep portrays a scenario during an exact point in time. If your business is particularly vulnerable and at risk for corporate espionage, you might want to consider doing regular sweeps to ensure that your office stays clean of devices. While TSCM is highly effective at detecting a variety of devices, it is only able to detect devices during the timeframe that it’s being used. If devices are installed around your office after the sweep was performed, you won’t be able to detect devices unless you perform another sweep down the road.

Detecting Hidden Devices, Hidden Assets, And More

Able Legal Investigations specializes in assisting corporations in detecting hidden devices with corporate espionage, hidden assets, and more. Please explore our full range of services and contact us for professional assistance with TSCM and protecting your business’ sensitive information.

Financial cases can become quite complicated when hidden assets are involved. Hidden assets consist of money that isn’t present on a regular balance sheet, or even money that is hidden away from a spouse during a divorce. Hidden assets can be complicated to uncover, but not impossible. This is an introduction to the concept and discovery of hidden assets, and how to locate money that is rightfully owed to you.

Why Do People Hide Assets?

Both individuals and businesses hide assets for all sorts of reasons. One common scenario is hiding assets during a divorce—a spouse may underreport their income as an attempt to avoid paying high child support payments. People and businesses may also hide assets from lawsuits, creditors, college financial aid, and even the IRS. Assets are hidden as an attempt of financial gain, but if discovered, serious consequences may endure.

If you’re on the other side of the table for hidden assets, it’s a serious concern that can be detrimental your bank account and livelihood. Hidden assets can be difficult to detect, but there are several common methods that are used to hide assets from businesses, spouses, and more.

How Are Assets Typically Hidden?

The most simple and common way for a spouse to hide assets from another is transferring money from one bank account to another. If planned properly, a spouse can easily open a bank account to house hidden assets without their spouse ever knowing.

Another way that people try to hide assets is by using a friend’s bank account. This is the same concept as opening a second personal account at another bank, but this eliminates the need to tie in a name or address.

Prepaid credit cards are also another way to hide assets. By purchasing a prepaid Visa card with cash, it will be difficult to prove where or how money is being spent. Some go a step further and even use foreign debit cards and banks to conceal money. There are foreign debit cards that allow people to anonymously store up to $10,000 at a time on one card, sometimes more. This can be very difficult for an average person or even business to trace without the help of a professional.

Furthermore, assets can be hidden within trusts, shell companies, Swiss bank accounts, and more.

Keep in mind that hidden assets go beyond just hard cash. Other commonly hidden assets include bonds, stocks, travelers’ checks, guns, jewelry, vehicles, artwork, etc.

Techniques to Uncover Hidden Assets

If you hire a professional such as Able Investigations to locate hidden assets, there are several techniques that are used. Clues of hidden assets can be found within income tax returns, interest from tax-free bonds, real estate and personal property taxes, cash flow in business dealings, loan applications, and more.

Contact Able Legal Investigations to Track Down Hidden Assets

There are numerous hiding places to conceal assets, and it takes the work of an experienced professional to get to the bottom of your financial investigation. Contact Able Legal Investigations today whether your financial investigation is personal or professional, and we can help detect hidden assets even in the most obscure places.