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Criminal Defense Investigator Assistance

Criminal defense investigation is not a subordinate to law enforcement criminal investigation. It is a highly specialized discipline within itself and therefore requires training and research suited to its own needs. With this in mind, Able Investigations has employed a basic methodology, procedure, and investigative process devoted solely to the discipline of criminal defense investigation. […]

The Need for Help From a Financial Investigator

A professional financial investigator attempts to determine the source of money, its movement and uses. This form of investigation is also called forensic accounting. It is a vital investigation especially when handling tax evasion, embezzlement, theft, money laundering and corporate investigations among others. Who should hire a financial investigator? There are several individuals and entities […]

Hidden Camera Detection

Have you ever felt like someone was watching? There’s a chance that you might be right. Hidden cameras can be installed in the most surprising places, and they’re mostly used to spy or even tap into secret conversations if audio is installed. Whether you’re a person or a business, you might be wondering how to […]