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Asset Search: What is meant by a Financial Investigator?

Recent technological advancements allow the hiding of assets and money  easier than ever before—and locating those assets can be a long, difficult process. Financial investigations play an important role in many circumstances. From ruling in a divorce court to detecting fraud, financial investigations can protect everyday people and businesses from losing money. But what exactly […]

What is a Permissible Purpose Asset Investigation

Permissible Purposes Excerpt from the GLB (Gramm-Leach-Biley Act)” Except for the amendments made by subsections (a) and (b), nothing in this title shall be construed to modify, limit, or supersede the operation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and no inference shall be drawn on the basis of the provisions of this title regarding whether […]

A Surveillance Primer by a San Diego Private Investigator

Technological developments in this century have rendered the most private conversations of American citizens vulnerable to interception and monitoring by government agents. The electronic means by which the Government can extend its “antennae” are varied: microphones may be secretly planted in private locations or on mobile informants; so-called “spike mikes” may be inserted into the […]

A Concise Primer to Locating Hidden Assets

The Bank Account. The financial transaction may relate to a bank, or it could relate to another category of financial institution: a savings and loan association, a brokerage account, a credit union, a pension fund, or any combination of these institutions. Or it could be a pure cash transaction. At all financial institutions two functions […]

What is needed to Discover Hidden Assets in a Divorce With Financial Investigations

It’s no secret that getting divorced can be a major headache. With all of the court dates, paperwork, and hoops to jump through, it’s too easy to leave money on the table. Unfortunately, hidden assets aren’t entirely uncommon in divorce situations. Some spouses will hide money so they won’t have to share with their ex, […]

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

Suspicious spouse behavior is enough to drive anyone crazy—especially when that behavior involves hiding assets and missing money. While communication is always key to ensuring that both spouses are aware of finances and assets, it isn’t always that easy. You don’t want to accuse your spouse of hiding assets and risk being wrong. But a […]

Finding Missing Persons

Based in San Diego, Able Investigations provides investigative services to businesses and individuals both throughout the United States and locally to Los Angeles, Orange County, and elsewhere in Southern California. Each Primer will concern itself with an Investigative Topic whch I trust will be of interest and perhaps benefit those who are involved in matters […]

Criminal Defense Investigator Assistance

Criminal defense investigation is not a subordinate to law enforcement criminal investigation. It is a highly specialized discipline within itself and therefore requires training and research suited to its own needs. With this in mind, Able Investigations has employed a basic methodology, procedure, and investigative process devoted solely to the discipline of criminal defense investigation. […]

The Need for Help From a Financial Investigator

A professional financial investigator attempts to determine the source of money, its movement and uses. This form of investigation is also called forensic accounting. It is a vital investigation especially when handling tax evasion, embezzlement, theft, money laundering and corporate investigations among others. Who should hire a financial investigator? There are several individuals and entities […]

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