Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

Suspicious spouse behavior is enough to drive anyone crazy—especially when that behavior involves hiding assets and missing money. While communication is always key to ensuring that both spouses are aware of finances and assets, it isn’t always that easy. You don’t want to accuse your spouse of hiding assets and risk being wrong. But a lot of times, your gut feeling is accurate.

But before you jump to conclusions, there are several signs to look for to indicate that your spouse is hiding assets.

Personality Changes: Controlling and Secretive

A spouse who is hiding assets may suddenly exhibit personality changes. This often includes becoming more controlling and secretive—especially when it comes to finances. If you and your spouse have generally been open about your finances and even share a bank account, take note of any personality changes involving money.

Other behavioral changes may include:

Discovery of a cell phone or P.O. box that you’ve never seen before

Claiming that hard drives that contain financial information have crashed

Claiming that financial documents or files have suddenly become lost

Purchasing business expenses that have reportedly not been reimbursed

If your spouse is hiding assets, he or she may also become angry when approached about mysterious purchases or missing money.


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Decreased Income: Sudden Drop in Regular Take-Home Pay

Another technique that your spouse may use is to report a sudden drop in income. While this scenario is entirely possible, it’s a red flag is your spouse’s spending habits do not reflect this drop in income.

If you notice your spouse carrying on with their regular spending habits, or even spending more money than before, there may be reason to believe that your spouse is hiding assets.

You’re Not Involved in Big Purchases or Business Affairs

Many couples will talk with one another when making a major purchase, especially with items such as vehicles and other big-ticket items. If your spouse has suddenly gained possession of an expensive item without explanation of how he or she paid for it, this is a major red flag that your spouse is hiding assets.

Furthermore, if your spouse owns a business, they may go out of their way to keep you out of any affairs. Denying you of any activity in a successful family business can be a sign that your spouse might be hiding money.

Asset Search: What to do if Suspect That Your Spouse is Hiding Money

If you are reasonably sure that your spouse is hiding assets, the next step is to contact a credible private investigator for an asset search, such as Able Legal Investigations.

From there, Able Legal Investigations will conduct an asset search to discover hidden money.