Asset Searches & Financial Investigations


ABLE LEGAL INVESTIGATIONS, INC, effectively assists in locating the assets of an individual or business as well as determining  the financial strength of debtors.

For the past 23 years, these searches are commonly performed for the purposes of collecting a Court Ordered Payment, Divorce Settlements, Child Support Payments, Debtor Collection or a pre or post judgment recovery analysis,  in California, throughout the United States and Internationally.

Most importantly, since 1996 our experienced law degreed private investigators  conduct legally compliant investigations throughout California and Nationwide  to provide accurate and on-point information not accessible through a public records search.

Investigative Findings and Client Confidence benefited by the following 

  • Certified Licensed Private Investigators
  • Juris Doctor Law Degrees
  • Former Federal Agents
  • Financial Fraud Investigation Certifications
  • All Investigations conducted in house. Minimal Reliance on 3rd Party Sources of Information
  • Retained by Baker Mckenzie, Buchalter, Seltzer Caplan and other Top Law Firms
  • All Investigations are performed in a fully legally compliant manner
  • Effectively over 75 years of Combined Experience performing Financial Investigations
  • Findings are Guaranteed to be complete, factual and on point
  • Strict Confidentiality
  • Competitive Rates always on a Flat Fee Basis. Never any additional fees
  • In most instances, Investigation Findings returned in 7 days or less.
  • Better Business Bureau Rated A+ for over 22 years
  • 1 Hour Free Consultation for potential clients
  • Providing Investigative Services from the same locations in Beverly Hills and San Diego since 1996
  • Investigators available 24/7

What is a Financial Investigator, and when should you hire one?

A financial investigator is a skilled professional who conducts Asset Search Investigations to discover hidden or undisclosed assets. They work in conjunction with individuals and corporate entities in order to discover, detect evidence of hidden or undisclosed assets.

We perform Comprehensive Asset & Financial Investigations throughout the United States, as listed below, for a Flat Fee. 

  • Hidden real property (transaction history & appraised value)
  • Hidden & Undisclosed Bank Accounts 
  • Hidden & Undisclosed Brokerage and Investments Accounts 
  • Due diligence (comprehensive profiling)
  • Intellectual property 
  • Attempts at fraud (identification of fraudulent asset transfers)
  • 401K and Retirement Funds 
  • Hidden business ventures 
  • Safe-deposit boxes (location)
  • Trusts (History and investments)
  • Corporations and LLCs (Identified & Indexed)
  • Businesses 
  • Offshore Bank Accounts 

It is important to note that these types of investigations can be complex and require expertise in financial analysis and forensic accounting. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a reputable and experienced professional to ensure that the investigation is conducted lawfully and ethically. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the investigator or firm is licensed and regulated by the appropriate governing body.

When to Hire a Financial Investigator

Financial investigations can be a critical piece of the puzzle to serious events in your life. Unfortunately, even those who you love and trust the most can hide assets or money from you, but finding and even retrieving those funds can prove to be quite the battle.

These are a few circumstances when an individual may need the assistance of a private investigator, such as:

Divorce settlements. When couples get divorced, a spouse may attempt to hide money so they won’t have to share with their newly ex husband or wife. They will hide money or even assets such as real estate, and walk away with all of their money in tow. A financial investigator can help reveal these hidden assets and make for a fair divorce settlement for both parties.

Recovery of child support payments. Along with divorce, child support can also turn into a nasty battle where it’s difficult to retrieve funds. A financial investigator can discover how much income the other parent is making, and get your child support payments back on track.

General asset and money detection. If your spouse or loved one is acting suspicious and you suspect that he or she is hiding money, a financial investigator can help trace bank accounts, review tax returns, and more.

Businesses Financial Investigations

3 Things Able Legal Investigations can do for you:

  • Determine improper payments made from within the company.
  • Detection of tax fraud.
  • Determining if transactions were purposely left off of the books

By working with a financial investigator, businesses can help catch fraud before it happens and misuse of money and assets before it happens. Able Forensics can help businesses with financial investigations, background checks, fraud investigations, and more.

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