Able Legal Investigations conducts in-depth, professional asset and financial investigations in family law, business, and criminal cases. Open-source intelligence may assist in developing leads or in identifying assets held domestically or overseas by targets, their families and associates, and related businesses.    

Open-source information also can assist in identifying associates and potential witnesses, as well as compiling profiles of subjects or financial profiles, and providing a basis for executing search warrants. In the pre-trial phase, open-source information may be used in developing an investigative plan, including an assessment of the difficulties in building a successful case and developing the subjects profile. Depending on the investigative plan, financial data could include all assets and liabilities, revenues, and expenses for the subject and target businesses.   

Therefore, an asset-finding investigation is relatively straightforward because most tangible assets; are fixed assets; and are documented in the public records. A professional may be able to assist with the debtors financial background in order to demonstrate that the debtor has the capacity to repay. Evidence obtained in the pre-trial asset search may be admissible in court, used in the case, for better preparation. A secured position will provide a creditor with considerable leverage against the debtor, which can induce the debtor into quick settlement.   

Financial Asset investigations are used to identify the assets of a person or a corporate entity with the intent to identify funds used or misdirected. Asset investigations can involve background checks, computer investigations, surveillance, or financial investigations. Bank and asset investigations are conducted on a daily basis to assist individuals or businesses with due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect owed money, or review financial statements in a divorce or child support matter.    

Asset investigations are needed in various situations, such as trying to collect debt, recovering judgments, child support, and alimony cases, purchasing a business, and a number of other situations. Conducting an asset investigation is the only way to know whether or not someone is financially credible.

Businesses conducting asset searches of individuals and business entities require the assistance of a specialized financial investigator for finding a wide range of assets, including vehicles, land, boats, partnerships, and corporate interests, and other investments by individuals and business entities. Able Legal Investigations provides professional asset searches and thorough financial investigations services for attorneys, law firms, as well as for businesses. Able Legal Investigations’s financial investigations practice provides a further expert resource for business clients seeking to strengthen their fraud and corruption prevention and detection capabilities, and stay on top of evolving strategies for business.

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