Family Law & Divorce Investigations

When there’s a child custody battle, a divorce, or other legal dispute taking place within your family, there can be a great deal at stake. Emotions run high, people go to great lengths to hide the truth, and the personal and financial welfare of loved ones, children especially, can be laid on the line.

It’s at times like these that you really need somebody on your side — somebody who will gather intelligence, reveal lies and secrets, and give you the information to make informed decisions rather than rely on guesswork.

Diligent, Discreet and Professional Private Investigation

For family law investigations in Southern California, you won’t want to settle for less than the most thorough and effective private investigator San Diego or the surrounding counties can field, especially when you need to gather solid, court-admissible evidence to secure the right outcome.

At Able Legal Investigations, Inc. our goal is to fulfill that need by assigning investigators who are highly skilled in all aspects of investigative practice, but with a special emphasis on multi-jurisdictional asset searches and financial investigations—an element which often features as a need in family law and divorce cases.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Our investigators leave nothing to chance in bringing you facts to support your case. If there’s something to find, we’ll find it. Our family law and divorce investigations utilize the following techniques to discover the truth and ensure that it’s heard:

  • Undercover surveillance
  • Forensic research
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Asset searches
  • Locating bank accounts and other financial instruments
  • Preparing evidence for admission in court
  • Compiling investigative reports
  • Providing expert testimony

Helping You Protect Your Family

Of course family cases are not always about finance. When you suspect things are not as they should be and feel that you and your family are at risk, Able Legal Investigations, Inc. can help. We have the resources and the technology to ascertain if child-neglect, drug abuse, or other forms of misconduct are threatening your family’s safety and well-being.

When you need a private investigator in Los Angeles, San Diego or elsewhere in California, to help you in a family law or divorce matter, contact Able Legal Investigations at 866-302-2366.

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