Criminal Defense Investigations

Able Legal Investigations, Inc., approved Private Investigators within the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) (United States Code: Title 18, § 3006A) for United States District Court, Southern District of California.

We have been involved in the investigation of many different allegations of criminal activity, at all levels: Class C, B, and A misdemeanors and state jail, third, second, first degree felonies, and capital offenses.

Highly Specialized Training

Criminal defense investigation is not a subordinate to law enforcement criminal investigation. It is a highly specialized discipline within itself and therefore requires training and research suited to its own needs. With this in mind, Able Legal Investigations has employed a basic methodology, procedure, and investigative process devoted solely to the discipline of criminal defense investigation.

Able Legal Investigations’ criminal defense investigation practice involves the investigation of suspected violation of a criminal statute by either the state, federal, or military authorities. We perform investigations for clients at virtually every stage of a criminal proceeding, from investigation through trial to appellate and post-conviction (writ of habeas corpus) phases.


We perform investigations for clients who are witnesses, suspects, and targets before state and federal grand juries involving indictments for felonies, and those who are being investigated on suspicion of commission of misdemeanor offenses. Our Investigators are experienced at interviewing witnesses, becoming familiar with scenes, and knowing the facts of the case better than the other side.


If charges are filed, we will assist the attorney at every stage of the trial, which involves getting witnesses and evidence ready to present and anticipating the prosecution’s case in order to meet it.

Following is a list of some of the more common alleged violations, but the list is not exhaustive:

  • aggravated assault
  • aggravated sexual assault
  • arson
  • assault
  • bad checks
  • bank fraud
  • burglary
  • capital murder
  • computer crimes
  • driving while intoxicated (DWI) / driving under the influence (DUI)
  • drug offenses (possession, use, manufacture, distribution)
  • environmental crimes
  • evading arrest
  • false claims
  • fraud
  • mail fraud
  • money laundering
  • murder
  • possession of illegal pornography
  • rape
  • sexual assault
  • theft
  • white collar crimes
  • wire fraud

What Our Clients Say:

I have used the services of Investigator Howard Eisemann and his Able Legal Investigations since 2004. He is an excellent investigator, very thorough and easy to work with. He has been my investigator on a number of cases in State and Federal court; civil and criminal. He has provided successful asset searches and witness finding services for me. As well, he presents very well in court given his credentials and background. I strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of a dependable investigator.

Shaun Khojayan, Attorney, Los Angeles

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