Computer Forensics
& Internet Fraud Investigations

In this age of digital information, the theft of intellectual property is commonplace and can be as devastating as the theft of physical assets. White-collar crimes such as employee fraud and embezzlement are also on the rise, as is cybercrime. Our computer forensics services can help you identify attempts to steal, misuse or copy electronic data and put a stop to them fast.

Act Before the Damage is Done

If you suspect a threat to yourself or your company, from internet fraud, intellectual property theft or cybercrime, engage Able Legal Investigations, Inc. to help you halt it before it’s too late. We provide computer forensics specialists with the technology and expertise to uncover covert attempts to steal, copy or corrupt data and intellectual property.

Our team of analysts and private investigators in San Diego can help identify and put a stop to misuse of your computer systems and infrastructure in any of the following scenarios:

  • Unauthorized digital file access
  • Inappropriate and unauthorized Internet access using company systems
  • Use of company-owned software and hardware for non-work-related activity
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Embezzlement and theft of trade secrets
  • Breaches of copyright

Computer Forensics Service Overview

With advanced computer forensics technology in the hands of our technological specialists, we can get to the bottom of any suspected computer misuse or discover digital evidence hidden deep within file systems. Our team can recover data even if attempts have been made to delete, encrypt, or password-protect it.

Our computer forensics services include:

  • Technical assistance for electronic discovery requests and subpoenas
  • Detection of spyware
  • Gaining access to password-protected files
  • Identification and extraction of evidential data
  • Imaging digital evidence from storage media such as servers, computer drives, digital cameras, and cell phones

Our specialists are also fully qualified to provide expert witness testimony when required for legal proceedings.

State-of-the-art Laboratory Facilities

For more complex or challenging computer forensics investigations, we operate a fully equipped laboratory, where our specialists can perform deep analysis of data in a protective environment, ensuring that precious evidence is safe from loss or corruption.

If you need help with electronic discovery to build a case for prosecution, act fast before evidence disappears. If you have any reason to suspect your data is being accessed without authorization, don’t wait until the damage has been done. In either case, we can help you fast. Contact Able Legal Investigations, Inc. immediately at 866-302-2366.

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